In the late 1980s, David and Katherine followed a dream that led them to Saint Helena following David’s lifelong ambition to be a veterinarian. David, with Katherine’s support and encouragement, traded in the corporate life, three piece suits and endless commuting to make that dream a reality.

David moved to the United States as a teenager from South Africa and has lived in California since, except for a family sabbatical to New Zealand where he practiced veterinary medicine. Katherine is a native Californian and was an executive in the pharmaceutical industry before deciding to take on the practice management.

In 1993 David graduated with honors from UC Davis and has practiced veterinary medicine in Saint Helena since. The practice area includes all of Napa County and a few forays into the neighboring counties.

Katherine and David have raised their family here and they continue to enjoy the animals of Saint Helena. As a lifestyle, David and Katherine live, work and play in Saint Helena. It is easy to see why people have been drawn to Napa Valley when you watch the sun come up driving the fog off and setting the day alight. It’s a place where people are connected to the land, their animals, and their community. Animals and birds thrive and are nurtured by the people.

David and Katherine are active on multiple not for profit boards and volunteer their time and resources to those causes. They prefer those that involve educating our youth about animals, including 4-H and FFA.