Philosophy of the Practice

Our philosophy is to provide your animal with the best care available and provide you with as many options for treatment as possible. We see ourselves as advocates for the animal and want them to receive benefit from treatments and procedures performed on them.


Minimum is best and we vaccinate only for diseases that your animal is at risk for and the product has a reasonable expectation of working. Happy to discuss why and what we are vaccinating for!


We will provide a prescription for all medications if you wish to purchase them from an alternate source. It is important to remember that veterinarians are required by law to maintain a client patient relationship with you and your animal before prescribing products. Some products have specific requirements. For existing clients we can mail your products free of charge.

Heart Worm

An annual examination and heart worm test is required. However, if we are providing the preventative product, we do not need an annual test. You should consider the cost of testing when price shopping for products.


At least an annual examination is required. Some medications require blood testing for continued prescription.


The hardest and the most important procedure. Clearly difficult for all involved including you and the staff, it is important to be prepared and know why, who and how this works. Doc does not euthanise on demand, but expects a relationship with all involved.


We are happy to refer you to a specialist or another veterinarian. We will forward records at your request at any time to any veterinarian.